XL Electric has high quality thermal imaging cameras! These devices are made tough, reliable and accurate. They can detect heat generated from motors, switchgears, MCCs, transormers and more. If you have the need for a thermal inspection give us a call and we will help you out day or night.
Looking for Quality Electrical Solutions At XL Electric, we have highly certified professionals that can accomplish your project. Get in touch and we'd be pleased to give you a quote and help you with your electrical needs.
Leasing Opportunities Available! 4500 sq. ft of space is available for lease at our building. Located at 118 Cutler Avenue in Burnside this commercial/light industrial designated building includes: front entrance, loading dock, two story height, and the ability to build to your specifications. Call or email for a site visit to see if it will suit your needs!


We offer competitive pricing and complete our jobs on time and on budget.

On Site Assessments

Call us today on 902.468.7708 and we'll be pleased to give you a quote.


All field staff and workers are trained and monitored on safety policy and job site adherence.

About Us

Meet the ladies behind our company

Family, honour and integrity are the binding principles of XL Electric Limited. Founded in 1998, following in the footsteps of a preceding generation, XL Electric Limited's success in the industry hides a fascinating story in an unlikely pairing of sisters: Nicole and Ilona.

Growing up within a family owned shop, they were always attuned to the method and systems of running a company – business was in their blood. Their father – mentor and teacher – raised them thoroughly understanding the work he did.

In a highly competitive business environment, predominantly marshaled by men, one might have seen these sisters as fish out of water. But it is probably this very particular combination at the helm of a company that separates XL Electric from its competition. Nicole and Ilona never saw the giant leap they took as anything but a challenge. Confident in their knowledge, training and abilities, they paid great heed to their father's penchant for an unwavering reputation. Galvanized by his standards and work ethic, and armed with years of immersion within the family business, Nicole and Ilona have built XL Electric into a world class operation.


What we can do for you

As a competitive company, we focus on providing quality workmanship at a reasonable price focusing on the industrial, commercial, institutional, and maintenance/service sectors.

We perform work both on a contractual, or time and material basis. We can provide workers on a 24 hour basis, as our key personnel are equipped with 24 hour pagers/cellular phones.

Our estimating department is capable of bidding any size project: There is no project too big or too small. We have a formal safety policy in place, which is recognized by the Construction Safety Association and are capable of obtaining bonding for projects when required.

We would welcome the opportunity to be of assistance to your company. If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


New Electrical Installations

This is the main focus of our business. We specialize in large government, commercial, and institutional projects such as work for Defense Construction Canada and local schools and hospitals. We perform this work both directly for the owner and through General Contractors.

Electrical Renovations

We also perform all kinds of electrical renovations in existing structures.

Service Work

We perform service calls for all types of work with the exception of residential. We have knowledgeable journey persons with vast experience who specialize in solving any electrical challenges they encounter. We are pleased to perform this work on an hourly rate or based on a quotation if preferred.

Traffic Lighting, Street Lighting, and Parking Lot Lighting

We have performed extensive Traffic Work throughout HRM including new intersections, renovations, traffic loops, Traffic Signal Maintenance, Overhead Crosswalk Signs (RA5) and LED traffic equipment changeovers.

In addition to this, we have recently acquired the contract to perform the Street Lighting Maintenance throughout HRM. We have qualified journeymen with IMSA Levels 1 and 2 training currently on staff.

We also have certified linemen on staff.

We have also serviced many customers who require re-lamping or new installation of parking lot poles and fixtures.

Maintenance Work

We perform lighting and various other electrical maintenance work. We have regular maintenance contracts with several customers in the province. We have fully equipped service vehicles which cover the province on regular, pre-scheduled visits. We perform onsite assessments, troubleshoot problems, and perform emergency repairs on an as needed basis.


We are equipped with aerial trucks, a boom truck, cube van, and many service vehicles enabling us to respond to any type of electrical application.


A sample of the work we have done

We have, over the past 20 years in business, completed the electrical supply and installation of various projects located throughout the Halifax Regional Municipality.

We currently hold several standing offers for electrical maintenance throughout Nova Scotia. In addition to service work, we have performed hundreds of large construction projects.

In addition to the maintenance/traffic work we perform, we have also completed many projects in the industrial, commercial, institutional, and large residential fields.


Join our team

XL Electric is always on the lookout for the right individuals to join our company. We are building a team of driven, hard working and motivated individuals who love what they do.

We pride ourselves on excellence in our services and, more importantly, our people as they are the key to our success.

We are non-union and offer a comprehensive and competitive benefits package.

If you think you have what it takes, please submit your resume to: jobs@xlelectric.ca

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How to get in touch

118 Cutler Drive, Dartmouth, NS, B3B 0J6
Phone: 902.468.7708 | Fax: 902.468.3553